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Why CRM Tasks Are So Important To Your Business

Keeping track of appointments, call backs, emails, and other daily tasks can be a real problem without the right tools. Top producing agents are successful because they are organized, they waste less time, and they make the most of every opportunity by being prepared. And your state of mind changes when you are organized, which benefits your interactions with your leads and clients, and your overall success as an agent.

Tracking Your Next Steps

If you’re not keeping track of what your next action is for each of your leads, you’re not working your leads hard enough. Every lead or client has a next step or action that you need to take, whether it’s tomorrow, next month, in 6 months, or on their birthday. Without a system to track these details, you’re not seizing every opportunity. You should also be able to filter your tasks so you can see them by task type, such as all your upcoming appointments. Never again will you be unprepared for an appointment!

Connecting Leads And Tasks

It only makes sense to track your tasks related to your leads in the same system with all your lead information. A reminder about a lead appointment or call back should have all the lead details with it by connecting with the lead record. Our CRM for agents will bring all your new leads, including those from third-party services, into your account where you’ll track their progress, create tasks, and take notes about what your next steps should be with them.

Putting Your Agent CRM To Work

With our CRM for agents, you can put all these best practices together to make sure you maximize every opportunity and know the status and next step for every lead. If you have leads without any details or status, create tasks to connect with them so you can find out what their plans are, record notes in their record, and set up a task for the next step you’ll take with them, even if it’s a check-in call in 6 months.

Let’s look at how easy it is to start using Tasks and your To Do list provided in our CRM for agents to put all of this to work.

Your To Do List Basics

Learn how your To Do list works and the options you have for adding and managing your tasks. View article >

Viewing And Editing Tasks

Learn the basics for accessing and editing tasks. View article >

View Completed Tasks

Just because a task is completed doesn’t mean you won’t want to refer to it later. You may even wish to re-open a completed task. You can quickly locate completed tasks with filters. View article >

Find Tasks Quickly With Filters And Sorting

You’ll be amazed at how productive you’ll become once you start using filters. Quickly pull up all your open tasks for call backs, upcoming appointments, or other task types. Find all tasks associated with a specific lead. Learn all the options for filtering, searching, and sorting your tasks. View article >

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