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White Labeling For Real Estate Website Developers

If you’re a real estate website developer, not only can you provide iHomefinder products to your clients through our Partner Program, you can also white label our service. With your own branding on our service, it is presented to your clients and your internal staff as your own service, with no mention of iHomefinder*.

Some additional Partner Program benefits for real estate website developers include:

  • Integrations & automation to help you scale your business
  • Account provisioning and administration tools
  • IDX licensing processing for your clients
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Training & support

To learn more about these benefits, check out our recorded webinar, Introduction to the iHomefinder Partner Program.

IDX Branding Examples

Let’s take a look at some examples of how your brand is featured throughout our service when you’re an iHomefinder Partner.

Partner Portal

You and your staff use our Partner Portal to provision and manage accounts for your real estate agent and broker clients. Your company’s logo would replace the iHomefinder logos shown in the Partner Portal example below.

branding on partner portal

IDX Licensing Status Emails

Automated emails guide your clients through the IDX approval process when they are provided with a new account. Your chosen email alias would replace the iHomefinder email alias shown in the IDX licensing email example below.

branding on IDX licensing email

Notification Emails

A variety of email notifications are sent to your clients alerting them about activity related to their accounts, such as new lead registrations. Your logo can appear in the header of these emails.

white label email notifications

IDX Control Panel

The IDX Control Panel is the backend system that your clients use to manage their accounts, view their leads and lead activity, and more. Your company’s logo would replace the iHomefinder logos shown in the IDX Control Panel example below.

idx control panel branding

We Love Real Estate Website Developers!

Learn more about our Partner Program and schedule time to find out how we can help you grow your real estate website business faster. Learn more >

*iHomefinder may be mentioned in the footer of IDX content where required by MLS® Systems

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