Notes for Adding New Boards

In most cases (except for boards noted otherwise on the pages linked here) we need to have a local agent or broker member as a client in order to add service for their board.
That is, we cannot start the process to add a board without a member’s request.

New Board Service Fees

  • Adding IDX service for a board with less than 200 members is subject to a $500 one-time set-up fee (for the first client in the board) and a $20 monthly fee (for all clients in the board), in addition to standard iHomefinder pricing. Boards subject to these fees are noted “iHomefinder new board service fees apply” in the pages linked here.
  • We do not charge additional fees to add service in a board with more than 200 members (unless the board charges extra fees for IDX).
  • Some boards have additional fees for IDX. When known, these are noted in the pages linked below. For general information on board fees, please refer to our Additional IDX Service Fees page.

Lead Time

  • The lead time for a new board to be live in our system is several weeks.
    • This estimated timeframe begins after all IDX paperwork is completed, the board has approved the member’s IDX request, and we have received our RETS logins.
    • Please note, we cannot guarantee that a new board will be live in our system by a particular date.

Additional Information

  • IDX service is only available to an active agent or broker member in good standing of a local board, subject to the board’s approval of that member for IDX. In most cases, the member’s managing broker must also approve their request for IDX.
  • The member must be signed up as an iHomefinder client before we can proceed with obtaining IDX approval and setting up the new board.
  • iHomefinder will need to review and sign any applicable IDX paperwork required by the board for the new member-client.
  • We use RETS (the current technical standard for IDX) when adding service for a board.
    • We do not work with smartframe links or other MLS® System framing options.
    • We do not add new data feeds using FTP. The number of boards maintaining FTP data feeds continues to decrease, and FTP does not allow data to be automatically updated as often as RETS.
    • We only provide IDX listings, not standalone agent-only or office-only data feeds.
  • As many boards change their policies and fees from time to time, we cannot guarantee that the information here will always be up-to-date.

Contact Us
Please contact us to sign up for IDX in a new board, or with any questions.

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