New York City Coverage

  • IDX for New York City is available from the associations and Real Estate Board MLS® Systems listed below.
  • Each MLS® System provides a separate IDX data feed covering its local borough, available only to active and approved association members.
  • A combined IDX display (for consumers to view all IDX properties from all boroughs) is only possible if a client and their broker is a member of all of the associations/MLS® Systems below.
  • Data sharing among MLS® Systems might be in place in some areas, however, this is only for agents and brokers, not for IDX websites for consumer displays.
  • Please select the name of your association or MLS® System when signing up for our IDX solution, or contact us with any questions.
  • Please note, there is no comprehensive IDX service covering the East End of Long Island (including The Hamptons) at this time.

New York City MLS® Systems

(Each with Separate IDX Coverage)

Brooklyn MLS (Brooklyn)

Hudson Gateway MLS (The Bronx)

MLS of Long Island (Queens)

NY State MLS (Selected listings throughout NYC and New York State)

REBNY (Manhattan and Brooklyn)

Staten Island MLS (Staten Island – broker-only for IDX)



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