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A Single Solution For Agent Success

On December 2, we announced an exciting new service for agents called Prime + CRM. This single solution provides all the benefits of our premium IDX services along with new blog content services, predictable website traffic, and a new CRM that’s deeply integrated with the IDX account, helping agents manage and control their business.

We also offer our new real estate CRM for agents in our plugin accounts for use on WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and custom websites. This plan is called Premium + CRM. You can learn more about these new plans on our Agent Solutions page.

NEW! Agent plan features
NEW! Real estate CRM for agents

Watch The Webinar

Our recorded webinar covers all the benefits of our new real estate CRM plus the additional benefits included with the hosted website option.

Problems Solved

With this single solution, agents overcome many of the common challenges and obstacles that slow down their growth.

Website Management

Managing a website through an agency or designer is time consuming and expensive. Prime + CRM includes a hosted WordPress website built for real estate success with ready-to-use IDX and lead capture built-in. And we take care of the set up and customization to get agents online fast. Included in hosted website versions only.

Site Engagement

Agents struggle to compete with the big search sites and need search options that keep their leads and clients returning to their own site.

Premium Search, our one-of-a-kind IDX search, is included in Prime + CRM. This provides buyers and sellers with a fast, engaging, and immersive experience that they’re used to using on the big search sites. And multiple lead capture opportunities help capture new leads.

Attracting And Engaging Leads With Content

Agents need to position themselves as local experts and stay top-of-mind with relevant, market-related content. But creating this content for every lead and client is difficult and very time consuming.

MarketBoost, our innovative content solution, is included in Prime + CRM to solve this problem. Automated email and web content is produced to engage new prospects and past clients with market related content that moves them closer to their next transaction. No fluffy emails – just listing and market information that helps buyers and sellers while also positioning an agent as the local market expert.

Creating Custom Website Content

To fuel growth, all businesses need a consistent pace of fresh, unique content on their website. This attracts new traffic and is part of a healthy overall SEO strategy, yet most agents do not produce unique content.

Regular, custom content written by professional writers is published on a regular basis to an agent’s blog. Included in hosted website versions only.

Mobile Lead Management & Insights

Agents need mobile tools to manage and work their leads from anywhere at any time.

Prime + CRM provides our mobile app for agents to manage and enter leads anywhere, at any time:

  • Search leads to quickly access contact information
  • Add new leads in the field – great for open houses – entered leads can optionally enter chosen email campaigns
  • View property search and viewing activity for each lead
  • View overall lead activity history


Multiple systems & services slow agents down. Agents need tools integrated with their IDX website to monitor their business performance, record more details about leads, and manage their day-to-day tasks.

A real estate CRM for agents is included with Prime + CRM to help agents manage and control their business quickly and efficiently. It’s unique power comes from its integration with the IDX features and marketing automation with lead aggregation and integration with over 30 third-party services.

  • Organize and manage leads
  • Optimize time and know who to contact and when
  • Stay in touch with campaigns and automation
  • Track communications and interactions

Lead Follow-Up

Agents are losing opportunities because they do not follow-up fast enough. Countless studies have shown there is a huge mismatch between consumer expectations and the follow-up time the experience from agents.

The powerful real estate CRM in Prime + CRM includes marketing automation, delivering immediate follow-up and email campaigns to every new lead – even those that may be received through third-party services. Additionally, automated listing recommendations are delivered to leads based on their search behavior or local property criteria chosen by the agent. it’s also very easy for agents to create new email campaigns or edit the buyer and seller email campaigns that are provided with the account.

Website Traffic

Agents need a predictable flow of traffic on their site to acquire new leads.

With Prime + CRM, targeted real estate leads from an agent’s local market are sent to the agent’s website every month in a predictable flow where they can potentially turn into a registered lead to help build the agent’s pipeline. Included in hosted website versions only.

Setup And Customization Services

Setting up a new website with customization takes time and focus away from an agent’s business. Our setup services allow agents to stay focused on their business and get online fast.


Contact us to learn more.

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