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Close More Business With An Agent CRM

Our latest agent solution with a real estate CRM launched in December and you can watch the launch webinar here.

In our January 2020 webinar below, we take a deeper look at the key features that work together to save you time, manage your business, and close more clients. And we walk through 3 real world examples that show how easy it is to use this system to make the most of every new opportunity that comes your way.

Watch The Webinar

Challenges And Solutions

Agents often juggle too many systems and lose track of leads and their status. Studies also show they usually lack the tools they need to effectively follow-up and nurture their leads. And they need tools that help them manage their business and track their progress against their goals.

Real Estate CRM

Our CRM for real estate brings control and efficiency to your business and helps you stay on top of opportunities and meet your goals.

  • Organize and manage your leads in one place
  • Optimize your time and know who to contact and when
  • Track communications and interactions
  • Learn where to spend your marketing dollars
  • Manage and track tasks (coming soon!)

Marketing Automation

Many studies show agents do not respond quickly enough to leads, losing opportunities as a result. This problem is easily solved with Marketing Automation that’s closely integrated with our CRM. You can make the most of every opportunity and convert leads at a higher rate and keep all your leads – even those from other systems – in your account.

  • Immediate follow-up and nurture campaigns to every new lead
  • New leads from other services enter your CRM & campaigns
  • “Smart Content” sends listing recommendations based on your leads’ search behavior and listing criteria you choose
  • Easily edit/create emails and campaigns


Position yourself as the local expert and take the work out of delivering market-related content to your leads.

  • Keep new prospects and past clients engaged
  • Position yourself as the local expert
  • Convert site visitors to leads through content subscriptions
  • Move buyers and sellers closer to a transaction so you can focus your time on closing

Optima Leads – Mobile App

You can’t afford to lose track of leads and their contact information. And you need to stay informed about their level of activity and understand their interests to have informed conversations that move them to closing with you instead of your competitors. It’s all possible with Optima Leads, included with all of our agent plans:

  • Access a live feed of your IDX site activity
  • Access, add and update your leads
  • See what’s catching your leads’ interest

Real World Examples

To make the most of your opportunities, every new lead requires the right follow-up and content based on where they came from and what their interests are.

The following examples show how easy it is to achieve this with our agent CRM solution. In each case, your leads are automatically engaged with relevant content, not generic drip emails. You’ll also keep an eye on their activity on your mobile device and track their progress in your CRM so you always know what your next move is.

Open House

Enter all open house attendees in your CRM so they automatically receive your branded emails with listings and market data for the open house location, driving them back to your website.

Paid Ads

If you pay for ads through services like Zillow and Trulia, you need to keep those leads returning to YOUR site and not somewhere else. Your new leads from Zillow, Trulia and over 30 other third-party services enter your account automatically. With campaigns set up for the zip codes you target, you’ll automatically deliver relevant listings and market content to each lead based on the ads they came from.


Referrals are a huge part of your business but how do you make the most of each and every one? Set up automated referral campaigns with a “nice to meet you” introduction email with your bio and other information that buyers and sellers would find helpful, giving them a reason to be interested in working with you. And let them know you’ll keep them up-to-date on what’s happening in the market. The remainder of your automated email campaign will handle the rest, keeping them engaged with relevant listings and market stats that always link back to your website.

Premium IDX Search

This agent solution also puts Premium Search, our premium IDX search on your website to attract and convert visitors to leads.

  • Engaging search experience that encourage exploring
  • Familiar experience for consumers
  • Multiple lead capture opportunities
  • Add as many maps as you need with different focus

Website Or Plugin – Your Choice

If you need a website consider our hosted website option:

  • Hosted WordPress website
  • Built for real estate success with multiple theme choices
  • Ready-to-use with IDX and lead capture built-in
  • Setup and customization services included

If you’d like to add this service to your website, our plugin and HTML integration options support WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and custom websites.


Contact us to learn more.

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