Lead Source Tracking

Optimize Your Website Traffic With Lead Source Tracking

Most successful businesses rely on website traffic from a variety of different sources to win new customers and clients. In addition to organic website traffic from visitors who find your site through search engines, businesses will also bring website traffic from paid advertising offered through online advertising channels such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and real estate-specific platforms offering ad placements for agents and brokers.

NEW! Website Traffic Add-On

While we’re talking about website traffic, we’re very excited to announce that clients with our Agent CRM or ONE, our brokerage team CRM, can now get website traffic added to their plan with our Traffic Boost account add-on. Contact us to learn how you can add this option and bring a steady flow of anonymous buyers to your website each month!

Measuring ROI

Once you’re investing in online advertising, how do you measure your return on your advertising costs? How do you know which channels are performing well with a good return on investment? To answer these questions, you need to track how many leads are generated by each advertising channel and campaign, and how many of those leads are turning into closing clients over time. This information will allow you to make strategic decisions about where to adjust your advertising spend to get the maximum return. After all, we all want to keep more money in our pockets, don’t we?

Lead Source Tracking is an option included in every iHomefinder account to provide this critical insight to help you optimize your campaign investments to bring in the best website traffic. Let’s jump in and learn how to set it up!

Lead Source Tracking Setup

Using Lead Source Tracking is very simple. All you need to do is add unique information to the end of the website links used in your advertising campaigns. When visitors click on your links and register as a new lead on your site through the lead capture features in your account, the campaign they came from will be identified in the Lead Details within your account’s IDX Control Panel. The image below shows the Lead Source column on the far right where Lead Source details are displayed for each lead.

IDX Control Panel – Lead Detail View

lead sources displayed in control panel

How To Add Lead Source Tracking Codes

Let’s say you’re creating an ad in Facebook to promote yourself as a specialist in the town of Alamo, linking your ad to your website where you have a page of listings in Alamo. When you copy the address of the page you’re linking to into your Facebook ad, include ?leadSource=[TRACKING CODE OF YOUR CHOICE] at the end of the URL.

For this example, we want to track these leads with the code “FacebookAlamo” so we’ll use the following URL in our ad:


Anyone who clicks on that ad and performs any lead action on your site will have that tracking code associated with their lead profile. It doesn’t matter if they start a new search or click on a different town, the code will persist until they clear their cookies in their web browser.

Optimizing Your Lead Conversions

With online advertising in place, you can’t afford to leave opportunities on the table, yet that’s what many agents do by not following up quickly enough. Many studies have proven that your odds of converting a new lead to a closing client go up exponentially when you provide immediate follow to every new lead registration or inquiry.

For this reason (and many other reasons), we strongly recommend our Agent CRM option offered with our plugin and website plans if you’re paying for ads to bring traffic to your website.

Why A CRM Is A “No Brainer” For Agents

Email Campaign Assignment Rules

Another benefit of our Agent CRM option is you can assign new leads to different follow-up email campaigns based on their source, using assignment rules. This is useful for providing the right email content that’s relevant to your leads based on their source, including Smart Content that provides relevant listing and market stats based on your leads source or search activity. Learn how >

Agent CRM Lead Sources & Lead Aggregation

The Agent CRM option will also automatically import new leads from over 30 different online services agents use for lead generation. Learn more >

Need Help?


Check our Support Center for step-by-step guides, training webinars, and our searchable Knowledge Base. Our support team is here to help if you have any questions about using the features we talked about. Contact Support >


If you don’t have an iHomefinder account, start your 30-day free trial, schedule a demo, or contact us today!

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