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Real Estate Video Production Tips For Agents

With more and more people presently practicing social distancing, real estate professionals have to get creative and leverage online content and video more than ever. Many agents don’t realize how easy and inexpensive it can be to add video to their online marketing mix. And you don’t need to have listings to take advantage of video. You can create bio content about yourself and client testimonials, introductions to the different communities in your market, and how-to content on topics related to buying or selling. Here are just some of the benefits of producing online video:

  • It differentiates you from your competitors
  • It’s easily shared by consumers
  • It helps your SEO
  • It’s easily added to your primary website where it will attract and convert more visitors
  • It opens important, new online channels to reach and engage a wider audience

“Our videos have opened doors. They remind people about who we are, what we do, and how passionate we are.”

– Danielle Lurie
The Danielle Lurie Team
From The Future Of Real Estate Is Video

You Have The Budget And The Skills

It’s true you can spend a lot on video production if you have the budget for it, but many businesses are producing their own video content cost effectively without hiring professionals. Some of the services discussed below cost less per month than a daily cup of coffee! These services are also very easy to use and you will quickly discover you don’t have to have a background in design or video to produce effective videos.

Services For Real Estate Video Production And Sharing

So how do you get started? If you have doubted you have the skills or equipment for DIY video production, you’ll learn anyone can produce high-quality videos with equipment you probably already have, including your smartphone or tablet, or equipment that you can pick up for a very modest investment. Below you’ll find a sampling of services that will introduce you to what’s possible and get you started.

Remember that high production value is not required for videos to be effective. Telling a compelling story with your content should be your focus, so put yourself in the shoes of buyers and sellers.


Vimeo used to be like YouTube and has evolved to also become a content creation facilitator that helps you distribute videos on the web, social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), YouTube, and smart TVs (Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire). Their online production toolkit, called Create, makes video production quick and easy for anyone – just follow the tips they provide in their Video School.

Once you have video content ready to share, Vimeo’s Showcase service provides a toolkit to create custom viewing experiences for your video content. You can also set up your own video channel on Roku and Amazon Fire for even more exposure (27 million and 30 million active users, respectively).


Did you know YouTube is the second biggest search engine? You can’t afford to NOT have content on YouTube. Set up a channel for your business and start sharing! The YouTube Creator Academy provides step-by-step instructions to help you.

“People still want to know about where they’re going to live before they want to know what they’re going to live in. If you’re going to invest in online video, start by casting the widest net … community videos are what they are most interested in.”

– Best Bang For Your Buck: YouTube’s Top 5 Real Estate Video Types – Inman.com

Learn how you can market your real estate business and spread the word about your listings in 5 YouTube Tips For Real Estate Agents.


This service and their online academy will get you started making professional quality videos with your smartphone or tablet. And it makes it easy to add personalized videos to your emails for a personal touch that clients will always appreciate and even more so during times of social distancing.


Animoto have reduced the process for creating and distributing high-quality real estate videos to three steps. You can upload photos and turn them into high-quality video presentations using a variety of templates, and they make it extremely easy to share your videos on your social channels. Their blog contains several articles for real estate professionals that will give you plenty of ideas, inspiration, and tips.


Stories can be told very effectively with online interactive slideshows. It’s a very good medium for listing presentations and how-to content on just about any topic. Canva makes creating them a breeze, you don’t have to have any design skills, and it’s free! All you do is choose a presentation template for a real estate topic and start creating. You can upload photos or choose from their huge stock photo library.

Need a single graphic? View all of their real estate templates which include templates for single graphics, ready-to-use for real estate.


This online service connects real estate agents with professional photographers to shoot property photos. Once completed, their service offers an online platform for producing and sharing virtual tours.

Enhance Your Own Listings

Remember that if you create a video or other online content for your own listing and you have an iHomefinder IDX account, you can add a content link that will appear in the property details page of the listing. Learn how to modify the property details for a Featured Listing in this Knowledge Base article.

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