Twitter For Real Estate Agents

Twitter for Real Estate agents

Twitter is an important platform for sales and brand building in today’s real estate market. More millennials are becoming homeowners and involve social media in almost 90 percent of all purchases.  So, how does twitter use for real estate increase sales and branding?

  • Ability to engage with clients in real time
  • Post relevant information that would be helpful to your clients/potential clients. People love to be helped and if you create content that helps the person, they will trust you more.
  • Create brand awareness and loyalty
  • Increase SEO by using keywords, and relevant links
  • Understand what others are saying about you
  • Inform followers of open houses and other listings

Now with all the things you can do with twitter there are tactics you can use to optimize your use of twitter. Here are just four suggestions:

  • Provide links to website, blog or relevant information– therefore providing a user-friendly experience
  • Use hashtags on trending topics and so people can find you
  • Share relatable, interesting and valuable information for your followers
  • Optimize each post with keywords focused on getting audience to act

As you optimize your twitter use you will see an improvement of sales. This process may take some time, but keep at it and listen to what others are saying about you and how you can improve.

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