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Ten Fun Yard Projects

If you’re like most people, you’re spending more time at home these days. These DIY yard project ideas will enhance your outdoor living space while also giving you the satisfaction you did them yourself and saved some money!

1. Hose Holder With Planter


Much more attractive than a regular hose caddy, this hose storage container with built-in planter is simple to build and looks great. It will upgrade your curb appeal or add a nice upgrade to your yard that cleans up the messy look hoses can add throughout your yard.

2. Outdoor Posts With Planters

You may have ruled out installing posts due to the work involved in digging footings or maybe you have an existing slab or stonework that you don’t want to disturb. This project is the perfect solution for you!

3. Wine Barrel Umbrella Stand

Tired of your patio umbrella blowing over with every gust of wind? Or maybe you’ve stubbed your toe one too many times on the clunky base? Check out this easy and inexpensive project that solves those problems while adding beauty from plants you can change throughout the seasons.

4. Easy Garden Nightlights On Poles

Here’s a quick and easy way to add outdoor lighting using poles places in planters. You’ll add a bunch or charm, warming up your evening atmosphere, and add safety to dark spots that may be a little treacherous at night.

5. Pergola Swing

Who doesn’t like a swinging seat? Well, okay – maybe some of your pets, but most people love them. This version is simple to build and looks so much better than many off-the-shelf options.

6. Simple Wire Trellis

Sometimes the prefect spot to start a new vegetable garden or vine has nothing to support your green aspirations. This is an easy solution you can build in no time and get your green thumb in gear.

7. Budget-Friendly Solar Fountain

Have you always wanted a tranquil fountain in your yard but worried about the cost and the wiring? You can add this fountain to your outdoor space in no time with just a few parts and zero wiring or pumps or hoses to maintain.

8. Grill Cart With Bar On Wheels

This is a fun solution for the problem a lot of people seem to have with inadequate surfaces outside for yourself or for entertaining. Maybe you’ve considered more permanent solutions but have trouble choosing a location. You can move this wherever you need it and it even has a bar!

9. Rustic Stone And Wooden Bench

This bench oozes old world charm and is very simple to build. It’s also a great solution as a shelf for decorations or plants.

10. Rustic In-Ground Fire Pit

If you live in an area where you can safely burn wood outside, this is a fun feature to have in your yard. You just have to dig a hole, add some materials, and it’s done!

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