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Integrations For Real Estate Lead Management

Lots of agents wrestle with establishing a consistent workflow that keeps leads organized. This is particularly challenging since leads arrive from different places and services. Without the right integrations for lead management, agents often go out of their way to manually re-enter leads or use spreadsheets to get leads into the different systems they use. These workarounds are often necessary, but they use up valuable time and leave room for error.

With the integration options in your iHomefinder account, you can eliminate that work so you’re spending your time on more productive tasks to close clients. New leads you receive in your iHomefinder account can automatically forward to other online services, and new leads from other services can automatically enter your iHomefinder account. Once new leads arrive in your iHomefinder account, they’ll receive immediate, personalized follow-up with email nurturing campaigns that move them closer to closing. And you can update and track their progress in closing with our CRM.

Lead Forwarding

Once a new lead registers through your website with your iHomefinder account, you may want to do something with their information in another system. You could put them in a Google app, add them to an email service, forward them to a CRM you’re using, and more. There are many possibilities with our ready-to-use integrations and access to over 2,000 online apps through Zapier, an industry standard integration service that we talk more about below.

The services that are currently supported for lead forwarding include:

Follow Up Boss
IXACT Contact
Top Producer
Wise Agent

We also make it easy for developers to set up forwarding to other services that are not listed. If you’d like to start forwarding leads from your account to another system, our Knowledge Base article will walk you through it.

Turn Lead Forwarding Into Automation

When you forward a new lead from your iHomefinder account to another service, you can trigger a wide range of automation options depending on the service. Here’s a guide with examples of how top-producing agents are using Zapier to automate their daily lives.

The Zapier Learning Center will help you get started with learning Zapier and expose you to integration and automation possibilities. And be sure to check out Zapier integrations already built for iHomefinder accounts.

Lead Aggregation

With our agent CRM option, new leads you acquire in other online services automatically enter your iHomefinder account and CRM that will track your progress in closing them (this feature requires our agent IDX website or IDX plugin with CRM). Additionally, each lead enters the follow-up email campaigns of your choice, based on their source. Over 30 services are supported and the list is growing.

Here are just some of the services that will send leads into your iHomefinder account and CRM:

Agent Marketing
Dakno Real Estate Marketing
Facebook Lead Ads
Home On The Phone
Keller Williams eEdge
Market Leader
Proquest Technologies
Top Producer
Zillow Premier Agent

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