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Introducing MarketBoost

How do you manage lead nurturing activities with all the direct involvement that has to happen before you can close a sale? This has been a huge issue for many agents, as their time is spent with clients ready to buy or sell.

There are three big roadblocks that might be hurting your business right now. These are issues that every agent has to face.

Agents lack the time to follow up with existing clients.

Did you know that 88% of buyers would like to use their existing agent? Unfortunately, many agents simply don’t have the time to stay in touch, which means that they are missing an important window of opportunity.

Agents lack efficient content creation tools that can help keep clients engaged.

Taking the time to create engaging content that gives visitors a reason to keep coming back to your website can be a real challenge, especially you could interacting with clients who are ready to transact.

Agents struggle to position themselves as a local expert.

How do you become the trusted advisor that buyers and sellers expect? How do you show that you have a detailed knowledge of the area and everything that it has to offer? It can take time to establish that kind of reputation, and many agents don’t have time to spare.

Each of these potential roadblocks has to be carefully navigated in order to ensure that business will continue to grow. So what are you options? How can a busy agent address these challenges and engage prospective buyers and sellers with online content while still working directly with the people ready to make a final decision?

MarketBoost was designed to help you nurture your buyers and sellers in an automated fashion until they are ready to engage in face-to-face conversation.

How Does MarketBoost Work?

iHomefinder MarketBoost - See it in action...

MarketBoost provides an effective solution because it allows you to automatically engage prospective buyers and sellers.

Consider this common buyer scenario:

When buyers look for homes in a particular area that fit their budget, they may start their search by attending an open house and leaving their email address with the seller’s agent.

If that seller is you, and you are already using iHomefinder’s IDX with MarketBoost, you can automatically start the relationship with those potential buyers.

The buyer in this case, will immediately receive an email that was generated from the relevant data on the area and the general trends in the real estate market. But that’s just the start. This lead can also receive information about current inventory, sales-to-list price ratios, median sales prices, and much more.

Now they see that you’ve gone out of your way to provide some extremely relevant and hyper-local insights – establishing you as the authority in the area and providing information that they can use to compete in the market.

But what happens if the situation isn’t quite right at this point in time? That’s not a problem because MarketBoost keeps them up-to-date on every new listing and sale within their areas of interest.

You can even go a step beyond that. Maybe they loved a particular property but it was just outside their budget. Now they can get an automated email through MarketBoost that lets them know that the price has dropped to within their range. Just like that, you’ve given them a great reason to pick up the phone and give you a call. MarketBoost supports past clients as well!

MarketBoost for Real Estate Professionals

After purchasing a home, buyers want to see general market trends in their area – and maybe other areas nearby.  Monthly market report emails and pages on your site provide sales-to-list prices, inventory levels, median sales price and more.  There’s really no better way to stay top-of-mind with past client until their next transaction.

Work more efficiently with MarketBoost

With MarketBoost warming up your leads and educating them with relevant market information, you can focus your time on buyers and sellers who are ready to make a transaction.

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