Featured Client- Morris Raney Real Estate

Featured IDX Client

Introducing Becky Morris and Morris Raney Real Estate

Becky Morris has a team of 4 agents that comprise the Morris Raney Real Estate team, who all work for Beacham & Company, one of Atlanta’s top Luxury Real Estate Companies. Through the first 10 months of 2015, Becky and her team sold 70 properties valued at over $30 million dollars. She attributes much of this to her local knowledge of Atlanta and her ability to work with key buyer types such as those relocating from out of town. Becky has been an agent since 2002 and has managed her own website ever since.

The Evolution of Becky’s Website

A few years ago, she and her team jumped on the WordPress bandwagon. She loved that WordPress offers a customizable site design.

As more and more visitors accessed her site via smartphones and tablets, she knew that she’d need a fully-responsive, mobile site which her current site did not have. Through Google Analytics, Becky could see that site visitors on desktop stayed on her site for over 6 minutes, whereas, on mobile, the experience was under 20 seconds.

In the spring of 2015, Becky began analyzing the IDX market in hopes of upgrading her website. The site needed to be customizable, incorporate a fully responsive design allowing smartphone and tablet users to effectively use her site, and offer an elegant look and feel that helped provide a great first experience. Equally important, she needed to exhibit a trusted look and feel that rivaled the major consumer portals and ultimately drove visitors back to her site again and again. Lastly, although Becky isn’t a technophobe, she is not a programmer. Any IDX package she selected would need to be fairly easy to implement.

Making the move to iHomefinder

After a thorough search, Becky moved forward with iHomefinder’s Optima Express plugin. Optima Express offers considerable flexibility and is compatible with her WordPress website. During implementation, Becky found the setup documentation to be clear, concise and easy to use. In addition, when she called iHomefinder Support, the team was responsive and not only addressed her issues but offered additional tips helping her get up and running fast.

Becky was also able to set up searches by area, price range, school district, and neighborhoods. She quickly implemented over 400 saved searches to the new website in under 2 weeks.

Initial Results

While many real estate agent websites focus on the agent, Becky designed her site to focus on the communities she serves in North Atlanta. Her site provides not only real estate information but also includes information on schools, shopping, restaurants, arts festivals, farmers markets and community videos. Buyers and sellers use the site as a resource for gathering information before, during and after a move. The site is especially helpful for relocating buyers.

The level of site customization offered by WordPress, coupled with a responsive experience for site visitors helped propel site session length dramatically. Becky found that the average smartphone session time spiked from under 20 seconds to over 4 minutes. Breaking that down further shows tablet session lengths of over 6 minutes! As expected, this led to an increase in leads from mobile devices. Needless to say, Becky is pleased with the performance of her Optima Express site plugin. In fact, another team member is in the process of migrating to iHomefinder as well.

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