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SEO Tactics 2016 Real Estate


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Our Learning Center Series session on November 18 provided proven SEO tactics you can use to bring more buyers and sellers to your website. iHomefinder’s Shaw Taylor was joined by Tyler Zey of Easy Agent Pro to present the following content:

  • SEO basics & how it can help your business
  • The importance of keywords in SEO and how to put them to work
  • How and where to add lead capture elements to convert site traffic
  • Case studies focusing on best practices
  • Putting concepts to work using the iHomefinder SEO worksheet

Webinar Recording

You can watch a recording of the webinar at any time using the following link:

Watch the webinar recording >>

iHomefinder SEO Worksheet

by Easy Agent Pro

The SEO worksheet that was used for a portion of the session is available for your own use. Watch the webinar recording to understand how this worksheet can be put to use for your own SEO effort.

Click the link below and select “Make a copy…” under the File menu.

Go to the worksheet and make a copy >

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  1. Ginger Coolidge
    Ginger Coolidge says:

    This was by far the most helpful and understandable SEO webinar I’ve watched. Tyler gave REAL, actionable steps in detail, not vague recommendations which is how most SEO talks are.

    Thank you!


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