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Optima Express, the WordPress IDX plugin from iHomefinder, now offers Power and Broker clients new ways to boost SEO and get listings indexed.

Sign up for Optima Express today to take advantage of these great new features.

Community Pages wizard
Power and Broker clients can easily create a Community Pages section for their site, to display listings as well as any community information they wish to enter. These pages show site visitors your areas of expertise while also providing links for search engines to follow and index MLS listings on your site.

To set up a Community Page:

1. Within your WordPress Admin, go to Optima Express > Community Pages
2. Enter the search criteria for your new Community Page
3. Edit the Community Page title if needed
4. Save changes
5. A new page has been added to the Pages section, featuring a Listing Gallery with your search criteria. Add additional content and photos above or below the listing content.
6. If you’re using the Optima Express Navigation Menu, your new page will automatically be added to the Communities submenu

SEO City Links Widget

Easily add links to cities you serve and have them indexed by search engines. A great widget for the footer of your site, SEO City Links can be dropped into any widget area through the WP Admin’s Appearance > Widgets section.

Configure the widget by accessing SEO Links within the Optima Express menu of your WordPress Admin and taking the following steps:

1. Configure the city/zip and link name, along with any other search criteria you’d like added
2. Save changes
3. Your link will be displayed in alphabetical order within the widget
4. Customize the width of the link columns by adjusting the value in the Link Width field

2 replies
  1. Stephen Peer
    Stephen Peer says:

    We really need to be able to specify SEO links by neighborhood name and/or sets of MLS area numbers. Zip codes and city names do not allow searches by neighborhood.

    Thank you!

    • hank
      hank says:

      Hey Stephen – the SEO City Links feature is a very quick way to get links on your site to pages of listings that match basic search criteria. You can accomplish the same thing using more detailed search criteria (such as MLS area or neighborhood) by creating Markets which also look like search results pages (formerly called “saved searches”). You can then add links anywhere on your site to these listings pages. The links to your Markets/saved searches are also automatically added to a master list of Markets/saved searches provided with your account in order for search engines to index, just like the SEO city links. Let our support department know if you need any help setting these up!


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