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New! Calendar Sync And Email Marketing Features

We’re excited to announce some brand new features are available in our agent CRM plans! Our tireless product team has been hard at work, adding new features to help you work more efficiently and engage your leads in exciting new ways. Keep reading to learn what’s new and find out how to start using these new features today.

Calendar Sync

Thanks to our mobile app for agents, you just noticed one of your leads is interested in a listing and wants to be contacted tomorrow. You add the task in your CRM to follow up. Wouldn’t it be nice if that also showed up in the calendar app you use to manage your life? Now it can! Your “To Do” list in your CRM will now sync with your chosen calendar.

Email Marketing

Send emails to any contacts you select manually in your account or through filters or contact profiles. Send newsletters, announcements, or any other email messages! For better open rates, these emails will appear to be sent from your personal email.

send custom emails

Creating Emails Is Easy

Our email editing tool makes creating emails fast and painless. Just drag and drop the content you need into your email, fill in the details, and send!

email editor drag and drop

Email Reporting

Engagement metrics like open and click rates help you discover which emails drive results so you can optimize your email content strategy.

Automated Birthday & Closing Anniversary Emails

Build loyalty and get your contacts’ attention with these high-engagement email messages, sent automatically on their birthday and closing anniversary.

Get Started

Don’t delay – it’s time to dive in and take advantage of these exciting new features in your account. Check out our step-by-step articles to learn how!

Need Help?

If you have an account and need help, feel free to contact our support team.

Please contact our sales team if you’d like to learn more or get a personal demo!

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