See What Sets the iHomefinder ONE’s CRM Apart from the Rest

iHomefinder's ONE CRM What Sets Us Apart from the Rest | iHomefinderThere is a lot of variation within the real estate industry, and how one agent or brokerage closes a sale may be very different from another. This can make it difficult for some real estate professionals to find a CRM that can do everything they need.

Does the company work with residential or commercial real estate? Do you focus on sales or rentals? Condos or developments? Does the agent team sell luxury homes or stick with more affordable options?

All of these elements can change what an agent needs in a CRM feature set.

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need a CRM?

Real estate can be a challenging business – even in the best of times. On any given day, you may have to deal with online and social media promotions, verify closing documents, meet with some appraisers, coordinate with contractors, answer inquiries, vet buyers and much, much more.

Where do you even start when there’s so much to do?

Over the years, we’ve heard from agents all around the country, and they’ve talked to us about several issues that they want to address with a CRM. The most common things we hear include:

  1. “I have a unique process for managing sellers that all my agents need to understand and follow.”

Team leads want a well-defined process that all their agents can learn and implement on every transaction. They need an effective way to determine whether or not people are actually following this process, and they need to keep agents on track with these tried-and-true processes.

  1. “I really don’t want any clients to see for-sale properties on my site that have already sold.”

When potential clients arrive on a website and find an outdated listing, they may automatically assume that there are many more just like it and start looking at other “more up-to-date” websites. This is simply something that shouldn’t happen, which is why agents need listings that are updated from the MLS data sources within a couple hours (if not faster).

  1. “I have hundreds of potential clients but no time to reach them all.”

This may sound like a great problem to have, but the truth is it could be detrimental if your potential customers begin to feel neglected. It’s critical that you reach out to all these clients through automated follow-ups to provide more information and start the conversation.

A Product Developed to Meet These Needs

iHomefinder ONE’s CRM was created to manage the specific issues that real estate agents face. ONE gives agents the tools they need to run the entire business. It works for top-producing agents, agent teams, and well-established brokerages.

iHomefinder ONE is the place to:

Manage your business – Use business dashboards, lead source analysis, and transaction pipeline management to know the status of every lead and every deal. You will be able to get a high-level overview of the business, so you can track closed deals, analyze the lead sources, and plan your growth path.

Manage your leads – Use automated follow-ups, drip email campaigns, and IDX activity tracking to nurture your relationships with prospects and previous clients. You can use these tools to reach out to your potential clients, no matter how many prospects you have. Stay connected to your client database by providing market reports, email alerts, and more. You can even inform these burgeoning conversations with real-time IDX activity, which includes viewed listings, price ranges, and locations.

Manage your team – Employ action plans, task management processes, team calendars, accountability dashboards, and lead aggregation and routing tools to develop workflows that close more business. These tools work effectively with established teams or when you’re just getting ready to start a new team. You can drive performance, control the lead flow to the team, and keep everyone on track and moving forward.

Real estate selling is all about relationships. Relationship management software, then, should provide everything you need to establish and nurture your leads and develop the kinds of relationships that lead to sales.

Free Consultation

You can try the CRM component of iHomefinder ONE for yourself. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how to tie ONE into your real estate business.

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