What is CRM and Why Should You Use ONE as a Real Estate Agent

What is a CRM and Why You Should be Using One as a Real Estate Agent | iHomefinderCustomer relationship management (CRM) offers busy agents the ability to stay atop of their busy schedules by leveraging automated communications.  It can be put to task at any and every stage of the customer relationship, from the time the lead was first generated until the sale has finally closed and even beyond.

When CRM is used as an integral part of a company’s processes, agent teams and brokers can focus more on the relationships with their customers and base their activities and decisions on a full analysis of the data generated from all of their interactions.

This empowers agents to easily work in accordance with the processes you’ve defined and follow the action plans that lead to success.

CRM for Real Estate – Why It’s So Important

A wide range of industries and businesses put CRM to good use, so why is it particularly important in the real estate industry?

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions many people will ever make, and they’re not going to treat it lightly. Throughout this process, many people will be indecisive, many will be extraordinarily picky, and some will use any excuse at all to put off the final decision because it’s just so big.

In other words, the process isn’t a fast one. It could take months before they’re finally ready to make this decision. You need to stay “top of mind” as they work through it.

More than that, you need to make sure you don’t lose track of these leads throughout the process. You can’t let anyone slip through the cracks.

Introducing iHomefinder’s ONE

Real estate agents can use iHomefinder ONE, a sales and marketing platform including CRM features, to keep all customer data in a single location and manage your leads more effectively. This includes the ability to identify and categorize leads by budget, location, and other characteristics. You can also route those leads to the right team members when those customers are ready to take the next step.

You can take this information and begin to truly understand what your customers want. You can see what price ranges they prefer, the locations they find desirable, their search history, viewed listings, and more.

You can analyze the buyer’s interest level, their closure target date, and several other factors, and use this information to provide better customer service. The kind of service that modern homebuyers expect.

Why You Should Explore ONE

ONE’s CRM was developed to manage the issues that real estate agents face every day. We want to be the CRM of record for you, so you can manage all your leads and the entire business from ONE system.

With iHomefinder ONE, you can manage your business, manage your leads, and manage your team. Here’s how:

  1. Use business dashboards, lead source analysis, and transaction pipeline management to manage your business.
  • You can know the status of every lead and every deal with instant insight into the business.
  • Track closed business and get a high-level overview of the current activities to make sure you are meeting your goals.
  • Track the lead flow and understand how they are working, how they are nurtured, and how agents are moving toward transactions.
  • Optimize your marketing strategy based on lead source analysis and plan your growth path.
  1. Use automated follow-ups, drip email campaigns, and IDX activity tracking to manage your leads.
  • Automatically import leads from over 25 sources on top of those from your own site.
  • Automate follow-ups with drip marketing, listing email alerts, market reports so you can keep the flow of information moving toward potential homebuyers.
  • Stay connected with your client database by tracking contact activity, making call notes, and scheduling tasks and appointments.
  • Inform all your conversations with real-time IDX activity, including the viewed listings, price ranges, and locations.
  1. Employ actions plans, task management strategies, team calendars, and an accountability dashboard to manage your team.
  • Incorporate your tried-and-true workflows to consistently close business and keep everyone on track.
  • Create action plans so you can set your processes for success in stone.
  • Drive team performance by tracking how they use the CRM. Are they qualifying leads? Are they applying the action plan correctly? Are they apply the tasks in the action plans and closing those tasks?
  • Control the lead flow to the team, and make sure those who are effectively following up on leads get the support they deserve.

Go Beyond the Data

A real estate CRM should do more than just present data to you. It needs to help you increase productivity and profitability.

It should ensure that your prospects get the attention they need and expect.

ONE is designed to support your efforts in all these areas. You can make sure that your customers get the right information at the right time, so they stay engaged with you until they are ready to make a final decision.

Free Consultation

There are a lot of incredible ways that CRM can benefit your real estate business. Get in touch with us today to discover all the possibilities.

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