3 Facebook Strategies

3 Winning Strategies for Real Estate Agents on Facebook for 2018!

Updated for 2018

Social media can help your agent team generate more leads and keep you top-of-mind until buyers and sellers are ready for a transaction. Facebook, in particular, can help you achieve some great results by using some effective strategies to build a community and become the local real estate authorities.

Here are some key strategies for Facebook that will help make your efforts more productive:

1. Be creative. You can do more than just post listings.

If you were not a real estate agent, and just about to buy or sell your first home, what would you like to see? Would you be satisfied with home listings, or would you prefer things like design inspiration, industry news, and home repair guides.

Deciding to buy or sell a home is a big step, and they are looking for anything that gets them excited about the experience.

Get creative with your posts. Share relevant articles about buying or decorating a home. Share some inspiring images and videos. You can establish your Facebook page as a community where people want to interact with you and share their own stories.

2. Be informative, but don’t brag.

Real estate buyers and sellers have some very serious questions (about the market, about certain locations, and about your agent team), and this is a great forum to prove that you have the answers.

So, go ahead and post things on Facebook that show off your experience and knowledge, but don’t make it look like you’re bragging about yourself. That’s not the kind of agent most new homebuyers want to work with.

It’s a fine line to walk because agents often think they’re just being a good salesperson or trying to be excited about real estate. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to cross the line and create the wrong first impression.

The key is to humanize yourself. Ask questions and share relevant experiences while still maintaining a professional, knowledgeable tone. When you tell your honest story, your readers will start to feel like they know you and that your more than just an agent on the hunt for any new lead.

Make no mistake, this kind of posting strategy may take a little extra time and thought, but it significantly increases the chances that people will engage with you on your Facebook page.

3. Commit to posting often (at least 3-5 times a week).

Facebook’s algorithm for sharing posts is a tricky thing, and there’s a chance your followers might not even see your latest posts. One way to counter this is through consistency. If you provide new and unique posts at least 3-5 times per week it will increase the number of opportunities for your followers to see the relevant content they need.

This, in turn, can increase their confidence that you’ve got your head in the game because buyers and sellers are on Facebook every day, and they want to know their agent has joined the party.

These three Facebook strategies for real estate agent teams can take some time and effort to get just right, but the potential benefits from more visibility and more engagement will be worth it. Then, you can use your page to interact with more people and turn a Facebook contact into a real lead.

Looking for more Facebook resources for REALTORS? Check out the Field Guide to Facebook for REALTORS® from the National Association of REALTORS®.

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