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Property Search City Selector

The city selector within your property search page allows users to quickly add and remove cities from their searches. This list is accessed by selecting “View All” next to the location field on the property search page (the city list is not included in search widgets). Here are some ways you can customize the city selector:   To make any of these customizations, […]

Property Type Search Options

The property types within your property search form can be customized for your market or area of expertise. Here are the customizations you can make:   To make any of these customizations, login to your IDX Control Panel and select SETUP > Search Settings > Property Types & Prices.  

Styling the Gallery Slider

With the Responsive versions of Optima Express, OmniPress and Optima IDX, you can use CSS to remove elements from the slider so only images are displayed. Here’s an example of what this looks like: Steps for Optima Express and OmniPress: 1) Add a gallery slider to a WordPress page using shortcode. Learn how >> 2) […]

Location Customization

Your Property Search forms were already smart. Now they’re even smarter! Now available in all accounts, Location Customization allows search forms to recognize additional location types. Setting it up is as simple as selecting fields to include from your board’s available Geographic Search Criteria within your account Control Panel. Neighborhood autosuggest: Setting up Location Customization […]

Announcing OmniPress Prime

It’s now easier and faster than ever to get your OmniPress website up and running! OmniPress Prime includes setup assistance and ongoing maintenance, plus all of the functionality included with OmniPress IDX websites. Within just a week, our team of experts will have your personalized OmniPress website ready for your business, and the included monthly […]

An Introduction to PPC

Are you curious about how your real estate business can benefit from PPC advertising? Are you new to PPC and looking for some tips on best practices? Our recent Learning Center Series webinar discussed how to get started with PPC ads using Google AdWords along with some general best practices for managing your campaigns. Watch […]

Announcing Optima IDX With Responsive Design

Clients using Optima IDX for custom websites can now provide a fully responsive IDX website that will adapt to any device and screen size. With this update to Optima IDX, all iHomefinder products are now fully responsive. View the press release >> Explore the New Features Responsive design – A single, user-friendly design works on […]