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Spring Cleaning Tips

Stay-At-Home orders will eventually be lifted and most people will want to spend a lot more time away from home when that happens! These spring cleaning tips will help you take advantage of your extra time at home so you’ll have more leisure time when you can get back to your normal lifestyle.

Enlist The Troups

If you’re in a family with kids, get the kids involved and maybe motivate them with an incentive at the end. Their additional hands will make the work go much faster. If you’re not in a family living situation, split the workload on your list evenly among those you live with and check things off as they’re completed.

Tips To Make Spring Cleaning Manageable

Not everything inside and outside your home needs a deep cleaning during your spring-cleaning effort. Keep your list focused on the things that make a big difference and tackle things like the seasonal chores that get put off during the year. These could include things like cleaning windows, patio furniture and outdoor grills.


Create a list of the things that need attention in each room of your house and break down the work room-by-room. Stay focused on the things that are not cleaned as often throughout the year. If you try to do too much, you will feel overwhelmed and lose motivation.

Do you have kids with rooms that need some spring-cleaning attention? You might want to read this article How To Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms.


We all accumulate things that fall out of use or get misplaced and end up cluttering our rooms and closets. As you clean each room, use a system to categorize and organize clutter items as you go through them. Try categories such as donation/give-away, storage (attic, basement, garage, etc.), trash, or relocate (put into the appropriate place in your house).

Attack Kitchen Germs

Most people focus more on keeping their bathrooms clean and their kitchen is often overlooked. It’s actually a source of more germs that are regularly brought in from the outside. Here’s a quick list of things to do to keep germs at bay in your kitchen:

  • Keep purses and handbags away from your kitchen surfaces. They commonly carry dangerous bacteria that you don’t want near food and surfaces where you eat.
  • Regularly wash reusable grocery bags as they can carry high levels of bacteria if left unwashed. This especially important since they’re often placed on kitchen counters while you unload groceries.
  • Thoroughly clean your cutting boards and get in the habit of doing this after every use. Ideally, you should use separate cutting boards for meats and vegetables.
  • If you haven’t changed your sponges in the last month, now’s the time to start changing them at least once a month.
  • Thoroughly clean handles on doors, kitchen appliances, faucets and cabinets. All these things accumulate germs from everyday use and can cause the spread of germs quickly throughout your kitchen. Disinfectant wipes are definitely recommended for this.
  • Deep clean your kitchen garbage container and disinfect it with a disinfecting cleaner.


Common dust collectors around the house can sometimes be tricky to clean without the right tools but you don’t have to run out and buy a lot of cleaning tools. HGTV has some common dusting tips using items you have around your house to make the job easy and efficient.

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