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Smarter Real Estate Email Marketing

Buyers who have been on the sidelines waiting to make a move are spending more time viewing properties online due to Shelter-In-Place orders. They have more time to explore options and they have fewer distractions. This is your opportunity to step up your real estate email marketing and capitalize on their attention. Using Smart Content, you can automate fresh, relevant market-related content that your leads won’t find anywhere else, keeping them returning to your site and keeping you top-of-mind.

Smarter Emails

Using our agent CRM with Marketing Automation, it’s easy to create dedicated email campaigns for the different areas you serve in your market. You can copy the provided “Buyer” or “Seller” campaigns and adjust the email content for your needs. The first email could touch on how COVID-19 is affecting the local market and what changes to expect with the transaction process. This would be a good place to link to your blog (see the next section) where you can post updates and tips useful to buyers and sellers. Learn how >

Create MarketBoost Markets in your account for the different locations you serve. The locations you target for each MarketBoost Market can be as detailed or as broad as you want (you can even draw on a map), but keep them narrow enough so they remain relevant for your audience. Learn how >

Each of your email campaigns can be set up to pull market listings and data from a MarketBoost Market you choose. This market information appears in the Smart Content within your emails. You can place Smart Content within any email, alongside your own content (text, images, videos) and the content that’s already included in the Buyer or Seller email campaigns we provide. If you’ve created video tours of listings, add the videos to your email campaigns for more exposure. Learn how >

When the above is all ready, add your leads to the appropriate campaigns and you’ll have a great way to keep in touch with your leads, providing local market data and links to listings they can explore on your website. Learn how >

Link To Your Blog

Post updates to your blog on your local market situation. Talk about what’s happening with transactions in your area, what changes buyers and sellers should expect in the process, and share bits of advice. Include links to your blog in your email campaigns to let people know they can get the latest updates on what’s happening with closings in your market. A short paragraph each week is probably all it takes to keep people updated and provide another reason for them to return to your site. And you can post links to your blog in your social media channels whenever you’ve posted an update to attract more site traffic and build your followers. Over time, this minimal effort can turn your social media channels into a productive source of new leads.

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