14 Real Estate Promotion Ideas You Might Not Be Using

iHomefinder - 14 Real Estate Promotion Ideas You Might Not Be Using Blog Graphic - 20170724You’ve likely been to the conventions, listened to webinars and took a class or two on how to use social media to attract and retain clients, and distinguish yourself from other realtors.

The traditional tactics of mailing fliers, handing out business cards at networking events, staging open houses and posting listings online are not enough anymore.

Real estate agents need to be social media and internet savvy as well as personable. Buyers and sellers are spending more time online which means real estate agents need to mix tactics to reach new prospects. Here are 14 new and old-school real estate marketing ideas and tactics you can use to make yourself known and therefore get more leads:

  • Create blog posts that answer common client questions
  • Set up Local Community web and Facebook pages
  • Send hand written notes
  • Create infographics to share on social media
  • Include Virtual Reality tours throughout website and in blog posts
  • Sponsor local youth sports or community events
  • Use Snapchat to build an audience
  • Use Instagram Stories to market your listings
  • Call past clients
  • Pop-ins – drop a small gift off to a past or potential client
  • Use Facebook ads to market to specific prospective buyers
  • Optimize your website for local search by registering your business on Google My Business (don’t forget to also include reviews from past clients)
  • Hold client appreciation events
  • Attend community events to build brand awareness and relationships

Try out some of these tactics to see how they work for you, and check back on our blog often, for more tips!

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