Display IDX Listings Under Your Own Domain Name

Our Optima IDX accounts provide the most comprehensive set of IDX search and lead capture features available for custom websites that are not on WordPress.

The IDX pages in Optima IDX accounts can be hosted on a subdomain of your site at no additional cost, giving your domain the SEO benefit of all search engine indexing on your site. If you already have an Optima IDX account or you are in the process of setting one up, make sure you request a custom subdomain for your account.

In addition to using your custom subdomain, Optima IDX accounts have lots of other SEO features to help search engines discover and index your site.

Click here for instructions to get started with using a custom subdomain with your Optima IDX account.

If you have a website using WordPress, Optima Express is a plugin for WordPress that will put IDX directly on your domain without framing and without the requirement of a subdomain.

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