Property Search Features in Optima

Adding Property Search Features with OptimaOptima adds a wide range of property search options to your website to help buyers and sellers find properties quickly. This article provides a summary of the key property search features and customization options.

Add Property Search Pages

Add website pages containing Basic Search, Advanced Search, and Map Search options.

For WordPress Websites

Add IDX pages to a WordPress website: Learn how >

For Non-WordPress Websites

Add IDX pages to a non-WordPress website: Learn how >

Add Property Search Widgets

Offer additional search options within widget areas on your site.

For WordPress Websites

Quick Search widget: Learn how >

Address search and listing ID search widgets: Learn how >

For Non-WordPress Websites

Quick Search widget: Learn how >

Address Search and Listing ID search widgets: Learn how >

Add Markets

Display galleries of listings that match the criteria you choose, using basic or advanced search options. Select from locations already defined in your MLS or draw on a map to define locations.

MarketBoost provides additional market data that positions you as the local expert. Learn more about MarketBoost >

Accounts with MarketBoost

  • Create Markets in your account
  • Add your MarketBoost Markets to your site
  • Add email subscribers to your MarketBoost Markets

Learn how >

Accounts without MarketBoost

For WordPress Websites: Learn how >

For Non-WordPress Websites: Learn how >


Select which cities are available for search, set default price ranges, property type labels and more:

Learn how >

Set up the Location auto-fill option to recognize additional locations as users type in the Location field:

Learn how >

Add Community Pages and SEO City Links

Add links to listings in cities you choose (available for WordPress in Power and Broker plans).


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