Indexable IDX for SEO Part 2 – Site Content

This is the second of three posts discussing how your iHomefinder IDX account can benefit your SEO strategy. If you missed the first post that talked about keyword strategy and optimization, you can view it here.

Saved Search Pages & SEO

Let's look at an example where the Avalon Heights neighborhood in the city of Concord is targeted as a keyword. You can add a Saved Search page on your site that is optimized for this keyword, and the IDX listings will automatically update with your board's MLS® System. The benefits of this are two-fold:

1) Visitors will immediately access listings related to their search term
2) The page will contibute more to your SEO with its dynamically updating listings, rather than a than a static page.

Make sure your site provides links to Saved Search pages, which allow search engines to index the content when crawling your site.

Link to Saved Search

Creating Saved Searches

It's easy to create Saved Searches and add them to your site. You can use the links below that correspond with your account to learn how to create Saved Searches.

Optima Express and OmniPress Websites

Creating Saved Searches - Optima Express
Creating Saved Searches - OmniPress Websites

You can customize title and meta description tags for Saved Search Pages. Learn how >>

Using the Listing Gallery feature, you can add Saved Searches to custom pages you build. The IDX listings are not framed, so search engines will index the listings under the title and meta tags of your pages.
Listing Gallery Shortcode - Optima Express
Listing Gallery Shortcode - OmniPress Websites

Optima IDX
Creating Saved Searches

Optimizing Saved Search Pages

Your keywords can be leveraged in Saved Searches to further boost your SEO. Once you're familiar with creating Saved Searches, refer to the information below for optimizing your Saved Searches for your targeted keywords.

Optima Express and OmniPress Websites

  • The name you use for a Saved Search page will be used as the title tag for the page. Make sure the name closely relates to the content of the page, and use your keyword at the beginning or close to the beginning of the name.
  • Use keywords in the "Short Description" field - this is added to the page content and indexed by search engines.
  • You can customize a portion of the permalink (URL) used by all Saved Search pages, so it includes a keyword of your choice. Just go to Optima Express > IDX Pages in your WordPress dashboard, then locate "Saved Search Page" and select Edit next to the Permalink.

Optima IDX
Use keywords in the "Intro Text" field - this is added to the page content and indexed by search engines.

Part 3

View Part 3 of this series to learn more ways of adding IDX listings to your site for search engines to index.

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