SEO Tips Part 3

Indexable IDX for SEO Part 3 – Add More Listings

This is the third and final post in this series of posts covering iHomefinder indexable IDX and SEO. Here are the first two parts if you’d like to review them:

  • Part 1 – Keyword Strategy & Resources for SEO Best Practices
  • Part 2 – Market Pages and SEO
  • More Listings = More Indexing

    In Part 2 of this series, we talked about creating and optimizing Market pages, so these listings will be indexed by search engines on your site. There are even more options for adding indexable IDX listings to your site.

    Refer to the type of account you’re using below to learn about your options, and how to put them to work on your site.

    Optima Express (IDX for WordPress)
    & OmniPress IDX Websites

    With a few clicks, you can add IDX listings to pages or posts. Add thumbnail galleries in widget areas, directly embed Markets (saved searches) into pages or posts, add animated slider galleries, and more.

    Learn how >

    Create saved searches to display as pages, embedded in pages or posts or displayed in widget areas.

    Plans with MarketBoost:

    Learn how >

    Plans without MarketBoost:

    Learn how >

    Community Pages (Power plans and above)
    Quickly populate a “Communities” menu full of search results pages.

    Learn how >

    SEO City Links (Power plans and above)
    Add a list of indexable listings to a widget area.

    Learn how >

    Optimize your IDX pages
    As we discussed in Part one of this series, page title tags play an important role in SEO. In addition to using keywords in titles of Market Report pages (saved searches), you can use them in title tags of other types of IDX pages.

    Learn how >

    Optima IDX (IDX for custom websites, Wix and Squarespace)

    To get listings indexed on your own domain in Optima IDX, you should apply HTML branding to your IDX pages, rather than framing the IDX pages on your site. You’ll also need to request a custom domain for your IDX pages (a free option). IDX listings will be indexed on your domain once you’ve added them to your site using the features below.

    Note: Some website platforms will require that you use framing (iframes) to incorporate IDX pages from your iHomefinder account. In this case, you will not have the option to pursue the above.

    Market Reports
    Add stand-alone search results pages optimized for search engine indexing.

    Optima IDX with MarketBoost:

    Learn how >

    Optima IDX without MarketBoost:

    Learn how >

    Sidebar Galleries
    Add attractive thumbnail galleries using the 950 pixel IDX page size.

    Learn How: Sidebar widgets

    Questions? Contact Us!
    If you are a current client, please contact our support team.

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  1. Gibranna LaCava
    Gibranna LaCava says:

    This is a great series of articles. iHomefinder truly supports a need in the online real estate market for index-able searches. I was just researching SEO practices and beginning a new program with my client. The series of blogs is very helpful and timely. Thank you and awesome job! We love iHomefinder!


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