Partner Program Webinar Recordings

Are you a web developer or agency serving real estate agents? Learn more about joining the iHomefinder Partner Program.

Top Tips for iHomefinder Product Demos

Recorded September 26, 2023

In this webinar, we share an example of an effective iHomefinder product demo, using our time-tested best practices that will help you win new clients.

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White Labeling

Recorded July 19, 2023

Learn all about our white label option for iHomefinder Partners and how to take full advantage of it. We’ll also review our white label marketing assets that will help you attract new clients.

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How To Win New Clients With Sales Demos

Recorded May 17, 2023

Our veteran sales executive, Jade Thomas, has delivered countless sale demos that helped make her a top producing sales executive. This webinar is your chance to learn from her experience and make your sales demos your best bet for closing more new clients.

Client Onboarding

Recorded March 22, 2023

Find out what’s important for your clients’ success and get tips for providing an exceptional onboarding experience.

Ashley Saindon, our Senior Manager of Customer Support & Implementations, will share client onboarding practices that have worked successfully at iHomefinder.

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Sales Tactics

Recorded February 28, 2023

Learn about sales obstacles to avoid and pick up techniques and strategies we’ve refined over the years.

Jade Thomas, a veteran of the iHomefinder sales team, shares tips and best practices from our own sales “recipe” for delivering real account sales results.

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Pricing Strategy

Recorded January 18, 2023

Choices with your product offerings and pricing structure will directly affect your revenue, yet many businesses overlook details that can limit profitability and growth.

In this webinar, Flynn Waters, Vice President of Products at iHomefinder, will share proven best practices you can use right away to maximize your business performance.

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Premium Plan Benefits

Recorded July 20, 2022

Premium account plans with Premium Map Search generate 50% more leads and 30% more listings views that plans with our Standard Search. Learn more about Premium Search and all the other benefits that make our Premium plans the preferred choice for so many iHomefinder Partners and their clients.

Client Retention Tips

Recorded January 12, 2023

Acquiring new customers is 5X more expensive than retaining your current clients! That’s why losing clients is a big deal for your bottom line.

In this webinar, Nick Parmenter, President of iHomefinder, will share proven strategies to boost your profitability by reducing client churn.

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Partner Meeting

Recorded June 30th, 2022

Held for iHomefinder Partners and our prospective partners, our Partner Meetings provide the latest updates on product features, support tips, IDX coverage news, and special benefits available to Partners.