An Introduction to PPC

Are you curious about how your real estate business can benefit from PPC advertising? Are you new to PPC and looking for some tips on best practices?

Our recent Learning Center Series webinar discussed how to get started with PPC ads using Google AdWords along with some general best practices for managing your campaigns.

Watch the Webinar

Watch the webinar recording (about 45 minutes long) for the full details. The following is a summary of the key topics that were discussed.

Choosing keywords

Keywords are the heart of your ad campaigns and determine when your ad will appear. Your keywords should always be relevant to your landing pages and what you have to offer. You want a strong connection between your keywords, your ads, and your landing pages.

Understanding keyword match types

Choose carefully between broad match, modified broad match, and exact match. Broad match can sometimes work against you!

Creating ads

Make sure your ads speak to their related keywords and incentivize your audience to click your ads. If you offer free services or goods of any kind, consider mentioning them in your ad.

Creating effective landing pages

Build your landing pages so your audience sees a strong connection between the ad they clicked and the content on the landing page. This also helps your keyword quality score. Your keywords should always be incorporated in your landing pages. In some cases, this could mean building out multiple landing pages for different ads and keywords.

Managing bids

Did you know the top 1 or 2 positions may not always be the best for your campaigns? Sometimes lower ad positions will yield the best ROI.

Monitoring key metrics

AdWords provides a very useful dashboard with an overview of many key performance metrics. It even explains what each metric means! You’ll quickly understand impressions, ad positions, clicks, click through rates, cost-per-click, total cost, conversions, and conversion rates. Once you understand each of these, you’ll know what to adjust in your campaigns when needed.

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