Tips To Convert More Leads


Are you looking for ways to boost lead capture on your site? Here are some tips to attract your target audience and encourage more lead registrations.

Use Responsive Web Design

If you’re still using our fixed-width design, switch to our Responsive design to enable these key benefits:

  • Provide a great search experience on all devices
  • Show open contact forms next to listing details
  • Offer street address and listing ID search
  • Enable additional registration popups

Are you on fixed-width? Make the switch!

Optima Express plugin for WordPress | Switch to responsive >
Optima IDX for custom websites | Switch to responsive >

Enable Registration Prompts

  • Present registration prompts to your site visitors based on their actions.
    Learn how >
  • Use popups to encourage visitors to subscribe to listing email alerts for each search they perform.
    Learn how >
  • NEW! Add custom content to your registration prompts.
    Learn how >

  • Build Optimized Landing Pages

    Use landing pages to attract and engage your target audiences (areas of interest, price ranges, first time buyers, renters, sellers, etc.). These should support the needs and interests of each audience and encourage them to register for listing alert emails or MarketBoost Market reports.

    Drive Traffic

    SEO – Organic Traffic from Search Engines

    • Use keywords in your landing pages that match the search terms your target audience are likely to use in search engines.
    • Create blog posts that focus on your target keywords and link to your landing pages.
    • Add links to your landing pages in your site navigation.

    For more tips on SEO, check out our article SEO Tactics You Can Put To Use Immediately

    PPC – Paid Traffic

    Run ad campaigns with paid advertising services such as Google AdWords and Facebook. Use separate campaigns for each audience to focus on the appropriate keywords and landing pages on your site.

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