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Agents love using our Optima Leads mobile app to manage their leads and monitor lead activity. They can also learn about their leads’ property interests and level of activity which helps inform their followup conversations. All of their leads’ important information and activity is always at their fingertips, without requiring a login. Just like our iHomefinder accounts, we’re always adding new features to Optima Leads to make agents more efficient and productive.

New Mobile Features

We pushed a new app update for Optima Leads, so make sure you get the latest update on your devices and learn where to access these new features. They can save you a lot of time and they’ll help you make the most of your leads so you have a better chance of closing them. If you have an agent account and you don’t have Optima Leads, you can download it here.

Putting Features To Work

Check out our how-to article and recorded webinar Top Tips For Agent Accounts to learn how these features are put to use to help you work smarter and close more business.

Our recent webinar with Bob Corcoran, a top real estate coach, also discusses how you should be using your CRM to cultivate and close clients. You don’t want to miss this free coaching opportunity from an industry veteran.

CRM Features

Agents with our agent CRM plan can now access the following CRM features in their leads’ Details view:

  1. Lead Stage – Update a lead’s pipeline stage
  2. Birthdays & Transaction Anniversary – Add and edit these dates
  3. Type – Set a lead’s Type (Buyer, Seller, and/or Renter)
  4. Tags – Apply new or existing tags to categorize leads and find them faster
  5. Additional Phone Numbers & Email Addresses – Add multiple phone numbers and email addresses to a lead’s profile

History Tab
The History tab in a lead profile allows you to add time-stamped notes that are kept in the History view.

Manage Email Campaign Subscriptions

In agent accounts with MarketBoost or our agent CRM, you can now view and add Market Report subscriptions and Marketing Automation Email Campaign memberships for each lead. This is really helpful when you add a new lead on your device and you want to start engaging them right away with the email content you choose. Maybe you added them at an open house, you can immediately add them to an email campaign you set up specifically for leads interested in additional listings and market stats for the open house location.

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