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Real Estate Website Design For Success

This is the first of three articles about how businesses offering real estate website design services can grow faster by partnering with iHomefinder, offering our technology as part of their services. Hundreds of web designers and developers partner with us and we have learned which best practices our Partners have found helpful in growing their business serving real estate agents and brokers. This article shares some important insights to inform your business choices around technology and service offerings. With the right choices and understanding of your clients’ needs and expectations, you’re better positioned to attract and retain new clients and boost your revenue from additional services.

Personalize Your Real Estate Website Design Services

Delivering a successful website and related services often requires more client interaction than some designers and developers expect. Although the idea of a “cookie cutter” solution can be possible to some extent, there is always a level of technology customization that can make or break your client’s satisfaction or their overall success with your services. It’s important to be patient with clients, listen to their needs, and document the plan for launching their site. They may even have specific design ideas that have to be discussed and negotiated.

Your client’s real estate website design and email campaigns need to position them as the local expert in whatever their area of focus is, and this will require some customization of their website and email content. Many clients will not think about these aspects and how important they are for their success. This provides you with the opportunity to educate them and offer planning and services that help with this important phase of building a successful online presence for growth.

Set Client Expectations

It’s important to explain clearly what your services will and will not do from the start. Clearing up expectations at the beginning will prevent costly cancellations that work against your growth. You have a much greater chance of retaining clients if you ask your clients what they are expecting from your services and explain to them how your services align with their expectations and where it may fall short. The beginning of your conversations with a lead is the time to be honest and candid so you can filter out clients who are not a good fit and protect your momentum.

Be Consistent And Organized

You need consistency and organization in your approach in order to grow your business and onboard more clients. As an example, you might want to standardize a new client intake form that documents the detailed plan for each client so you or your website team know exactly how the website will be personalized for each client. These details could include things like the neighborhoods and types of properties that should be prominently featured on the website, testimonials they want to share, graphics or videos they want to feature, lead lists they need to import into their account, what lead sources they have for integration with their IDX account, etc.

Address Universal Needs

Most business owners are always looking for ways to work more efficiently and grow faster, and real estate agents and brokers are no different. Many of the features in iHomefinder accounts provide them with tools to save time through automation and email nurturing that keeps leads moving closer to a transaction.

A top real estate coach recently joined us for a live webinar and pointed out how important real estate CRMs are for agents and brokers. Check out the webinar recording to hear more about using real estate CRMs and learn the best practices top producing agents are following. Our CRM option helps agents or teams organize their efforts, apply consistent workflows for success, manage their pipeline, and keep close track of progress against their business goals. Many of these features can even be accessed in our agent app which syncs with an agent’s account so they can manage and work their leads on their favorite mobile devices.

Our next article in this series will take a closer look at how iHomefinder technology provides your clients with a single, integrated solution for business growth while allowing you to compete in a broader market with your services for real estate professionals.

Boost Your Industry Knowledge

It’s important to stay on top of trends in real estate to understand the needs of your clients. You don’t have to become an expert, but the more insight you have and share, the more trust you’ll build with your prospects and clients. Having a grasp on some of the industry terminology is also very helpful when communicating with your prospects and clients. A good resource to ramp up your knowledge and keep up-to-date with the industry is REALTOR® Magazine, published by the National Association of Realtors.

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