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Many web designers and developers have opportunities to expand their services for real estate professionals and compete in a broader market, yet they’re limiting themselves through their technology choices. They could also overlook the additional revenue that’s possible through add-on services they could offer to help their clients apply best practices to succeed with their service. Our last article for web designers and developers shared some common best practices we’ve seen iHomefinder Partners follow for success. In this article, we’ll discuss how our IDX and real estate CRM features adapt and scale with your clients’ needs while providing you with opportunities for add-on services.

Features For Growth

Beyond Property Search

Having a real estate website with IDX property search is critical for agents for many reasons, but it’s just the beginning of building an effective online presence that fuels growth. Many IDX website services focus on property search and lead capture and lack effective tools to respond to leads and incubate them. Buyers and sellers are generally not interested or engaged by generic drip email campaigns that are irrelevant to their interests and unhelpful in preparing them for their next home purchase.

Agents and brokers compete much more effectively when they nurture their leads with listings and market insights relevant to their leads’ interests. This is also important for keeping in touch with past clients for referrals and repeat business. By automating this website and email content, they’re positioned as the local market expert, staying top-of-mind with their leads, and working more efficiently.

iHomefinder accounts provide a total agent solution for property search and lead capture, automated and relevant market content for leads, lead nurturing and lead aggregation, and an integrated real estate CRM. Agents also get a mobile app that helps them work their leads on-the-go, view their leads’ activity, add leads to email campaigns, and access their CRM features. With tiered product levels and pricing, you can offer flexible solutions that meet your clients’ needs and budgets. They can start with a basic plan without a CRM and add more features as they need them, and your team has your client base as a pipeline for selling upgrades.

Real Estate CRM – A “No Brainer”

Our integrated real estate CRM option is a “no-brainer” for agents to have, according Bob Corcoran, a veteran real estate coach who joined us for a recent webinar. Bob answered many questions from agents about technology for agents and he talked a lot about CRMs and what agents should be doing with them. You can hear everything he had to say in this article which includes the webinar recording. You’ll immediately appreciate and understand why it’s so important to include a CRM option with your website services for real estate professionals.

Unlike many other real estate CRM services, our CRMs for agents or agent teams are integrated with the IDX account used on the sites you build for your clients. Although we do offer template websites you can offer your clients, most partners prefer to build their own websites for their clients on WordPress or other platforms which are fully supported with our CRM option.

Offering a real estate CRM also opens the door for competing in a much broader market than IDX property search alone, and you’ll find our CRMs are priced very competitively. Many CRMs offer too many features for many agents’ needs, and they cost substantially more. We focus on the “sweet spot” to help clients take advantage of the benefits of using a smart, integrated CRM with a very modest investment.

Add Services And Revenue

Most agents are not interested in setting up their accounts themselves, yet you will know exactly what needs to be done to make a new account most effective for them. This is where you can add more revenue opportunities by offering additional on-boarding and training services. This could include the setup of account features and property search options as well as training sessions to educate clients about getting the most value from their accounts. The more quickly they adopt their new account features and use them every day, the more likely they’ll stay with your service and promote your service to their colleagues!

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