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How iHomefinder Partners Accelerate Their Growth

Why partner with iHomefinder if you’re a website service provider? The answer is simple. Faster growth! Our last 2 articles for website service providers covered tips and best practices for providing real estate websites and we looked at features and tools you can offer to help your real estate clients manage their business and compete effectively online.

From your clients’ signup and on-boarding, all the way through to their real estate website deployment, a lot of technical and operational work can be required for your clients, slowing you down and hampering your growth. With our ready-to-use solutions to add to your website services, you can focus on addressing each client’s needs for a successful site launch, while we handle much of the rest.

Within one business day of joining our Partner Program, you can start providing our agent and brokerage solutions, integrated with the websites you build for your clients. As a Partner, you get to outsource a whole range of services and operational overhead that you don’t have to worry about managing in-house. We do the heavy lifting while you can take advantage of tools to help you efficiently provide and manage your clients’ accounts and delight them with your services.


There are many online services real estate professionals use for different aspects of lead management. If they’re not using our real estate CRM, they can use any other CRM in the marketplace. Our Lead Forwarding feature and options for Zapier and forwarding using Email Parsing will send all leads added in their iHomefinder account to their other service(s). Likewise, Lead Aggregation will import new leads your clients acquire through other services. Leads can even enter automated email followup and nurturing campaigns based on the source of the lead.

Account Administration

Account setup and management is a snap using our Reseller API that helps you streamline and scale all the operations of your iHomefinder partnership. Your online Partner Portal provides all the features and services you and your team need for your client account administration.

MLS Licensing

Every licensed real estate agent or broker is required to get approval from their local MLS when they sign up for a new IDX service with an IDX vendor. Each MLS has a different process for IDX licensing and we know this entire process inside and out throughout all the locations we service in the US and Canada. When your clients sign up for your service, our automated system and our staff will make sure your clients know the steps to complete their IDX licensing with their local MLS. If there’s a problem along the way, we are always there to step in and keep the approval process moving so you don’t have to worry about it. The emails that run the process are sent from your email alias, and include your brand, but we oversee the approval process and notify you when the client is approved. You can always see where each of your clients are in the approval at any time in the Audit Trail within your Partner Portal.

White Labeling

You want to build your brand, and your visible branding is important to accomplish that. Although our technology and services merge seamlessly with your services, it’s all your brand that appears throughout your clients’ experience as they interact with their account.

Your branding can appear in the following locations:

  • IDX Control Panel – This is where your clients access leads, manage their listings and much more
  • Optima Leads, our mobile app for agents – This app helps agents manage and work their leads on-the-go on their favorite mobile devices
  • Automated IDX licensing emails – Our automated system sends emails to your clients which will guide them through the IDX licensing approval process
  • Partner Portal – This is the system you or your team use to manage your clients’ accounts
  • Notification emails – A variety of email notifications are sent to your clients to alert them about activity related to their accounts, such as new lead registrations

Training & Support

We take support seriously and provide top-notch support with NPS/satisfaction scores so high that we brag about them. While you are responsible for providing tier 1 support for your clients, we provide you and your team unlimited phone and email support to help with escalated/tier 2 support.

When you join our Partner Program, we provide a thorough orientation to the information and tools you’ll use. A recorded version of your on-boarding session is also provided so you can refer to it any time and share with your new hires that you’ll eventually need with your growing business.

Our online Support Center is your 24/7 support companion, providing getting started guides, API documentation, tutorial videos which you can white label for your own video library, and a searchable Knowledge Base full of step-by-step guides and feature documentation.

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Interested in learning more about iHomefinder products and the benefits of joining our Partner Program? Contact us today!

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